Friday, April 29, 2016

Surgery Post

Keep checking this post for updates today. 

Red shirts for Zachary

Close up of his hands...

Video we made this morning:

Video describing the operation:

Zachary went back to the OR. Surgeons understand our expectations and goals. 

Zachary out of surgery. All is good. Waiting to see him. That is thumbing amazing!!

What a God of perfect timing today.  We arrived at the hospital and zachary went back for surgery around 9:15am.  We had quite the list of things to do today on top of Zacharys surgery.  It was also Micah's 6th birthday!  We had planned his birthday party months ago and when Zacharys surgery got moved forward to today, we new we would just had to roll with it.   So today God had everything timed just perfect. 
I had to run to Micah's school and deliver his cupcakes for his class and be with him for a bit around 1:30pm.  This is when zachary was expected to be rolled out of surgery.  But God had it planned just right and the doctor didn't come out to give report until I got back to the hospital around 2:45pm.  Zachary was then in post op and we were able to see him.  We finally got to our room around 5:40pm. We were cutting it close because we had to leave for Micah's birthday party at 6pm.  Are you spinning yet??!!   
We left exactly at six and made it to his party just in time.  He had a BLAST!!!! Boys are all tucked in for the night and we are off to bed as well. We will update tomorrow how things are going. He is stable and doing great.  They did an amazing surgery today. Here are some before and after pictures.  They are absolutely amazing!!  
The before and after pictures were taken in the operating room and showed to us after he was done. 


  1. That thumb is amazing!! Praising a God who cares about a 6 year old's birthday as much as he does a 2 year old's thumb.