Monday, June 20, 2016

Thumb body is doing great!

Life has run away with our time.  Our last post was about Zachary leaving PCH where they gave him a thumb.  We never thought we would be able to post that post, ever.  Zachary did amazing during and after that surgery.   We are now in thumb therapy 2 times a week.  We now get to drive to Scottsdale twice a week :-).  So Zachary gets physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and thumb therapy (2x) each week; he is a busy dude.

Zachary is still struggling to eat.  He has the ability to eat, he just cannot eat a lot at once.  We run his feeding tube all night so he gets his calories in for the day.  We are working with his GI doctor to figure out if we need to do some more tests to see why he can't handle the volume.  The challenge for Zachary's doctors is to determine if Zachary's heart is shunting too blood from his gut which causes the gut to slow down or if there is something inherently wrong with his gut.

We also had a follow up appointment with Zachary's orthopedic doctor.  We have been watching the progress of his spine.  He has an extra piece of vertebrae that has caused scoliosis.   The scoliosis has progressively been getting worse, which means he will have to have surgery to remove that extra piece so it doesn't cause long term issues for his back. We are going to plan to do this surgery next summer.  This will be Zacharys 15th surgery.  
Again, thank you to all who have and continue to pray for Zachary and our family.  

Family time at the DBacks game!

Zachary coloring with his new thumb!!!!!

The thumb after the cast was removed. 

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