Sunday, November 20, 2016


Hello Friends!

We are sorry for the long delay between this post and the previous post. We seem to be at a spot in our family's life where we can enjoy being 'normal'. We are not out of the woods, in fact, we are still very deep in the woods, just enjoying an open field.

Yay! The boys CAN play nicely in the same room!

Bike helmets - the optional safety equipment when doing plumbing.

Micah reading to Zachary and Josiah

Dog duty- another bike helmet safety requirement

I love seeing Becky hold Zachary before bed.
Zachary is growing and getting taller and getting stronger. He is using his muscles and strengthening his core more and more every day. He is amazing his therapists each week as he develops new skills from the "playtime".

He is going to be starting preschool in the next couple months when we figure out which school will best fit his needs. The school district is already approved him qualifying for preschool as well as having a full-time nurse to be with him during school hours (major hurdle but Becky is tenacious!). The nurse will be our nurse that we have already hired to work with him at home! Yes!

Zachary 'playing' with his therapists.

Oh yeah, we are also moving. We are slightly crazy! We have decided that the house we are in will no longer meet our needs and so we had put up for sale and are closing the day Monday following Thanksgiving (11/28). We are also closing on another house simultaneously, which will be a bit tricky, but with your help we can do it. We are going to load moving trucks on Sunday and then wait until Monday to drive them to the new house. If you want a work out, we would LOVE YOUR HELP! Yes, it seems like we just did this so Lord willing, we will stay in this new house a LONG TIME!

Last week, Zachary had another ER visit. He started coughing and developed croup like symptoms. We did everything we could, but he did not recover so we had to get him to PCH quickly. After a dose of Epi and another steroid, he was sent home. We were tired the next day and a friend of ours found out an had pizza delivered to us. We are very thankful for that family seeing the exhaustion and meeting a need. We had another family bring us cookies and a movie.

Zachary is scheduled to have ANOTHER surgery on January 6th. He has a hemivertibrae (half a vertebrae) that is causing Crazy scoliosis. This one will suck for Zachary because he will be in the hospital for a few days and then most likely in a cast or stiff brace 24/7 for at least 6 weeks. Please pray for this surgery coming up.

I ask that you pray for a family whose son is admitted to the NICU at Phoenix Children's. Here is their blog. It makes my heart break knowing that these parents can't hold their baby boy right now due to his fragile state.

More pics since the last post...

Josiah wasn't a fan of getting wet until....

Revenge is a dish best served at full pressure!

This is a fun app.  Face swap

Guess who?!

Sanitation Duty

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